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Local agent helping doing her part to strengthen the community

AGENTNAME is committed to strengthening the COMMUNITYNAME community and PRONOUN thinks PRONOUN has a way to mix business and doing good.

On Friday, Sept. 25th, FIRST is attending RealtorPalooza, an online networkign event where realtors who during the day may be competiting for business come together to share community building ideas and raise funds for the Fort Hunt University Community Entrepreneurship Fund.

"I'm excited about RealtorPalooza for two reasons,", said , "One, we are excited about raising funds (and ideas) for Community Entrepreneurship Fund to support activities in Oakton. Two, we know that parents right now are looking for activities so I'm looking forward to providing some of our neighbors with scholarships to some great activities".

The community entrepreneurship fund is a new initiative, managed by the Mount Vernon Student Congress, a collection of student leaders, who review submitted proposals and vote on which ones to award micro-grants to.

In addition to raising funds, FIRST is receiving scholarships to award to parents in the community.

For More info, Contact:
Frazier O'Leary
P: 703.298.9481

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Agents for Good

Meet the Real Estate Agents who build their businesses around doing good in our communities.

Know of an agent who's doing good things in his/her community? Email me at to nominate them to be added to the list!

Workshops for Good

Downsizing 101
Selling For Top Dollars in Covid
We support our agents in producing awesome buyer/seller workshops as fundraisers for their favorite community organizations

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Register before 9/10 to be included in our pre-event Press Release
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(sub rosa) Get Neighborhooods and Orgs sponsored by Agents ($100, $300)
Community Entrepreneurship Funds Pledged: $500.00
MI have 5 scholarships to distribute to parents who are interested. Click this link to learn more about the programs and to access your scholarship. (Coupon code) - register to attend use this coupon code.

Spreading Good in the Neighborhood

Some of our Agents for Good also help share scholarships for after-school or homeschooling enrichment programs in our 12 community campuses around NoVA.

Scholarships Provided: 100
Neighborhooods/Communities Touched: 16
Neighborhoods FULLY Sponsored: 5
Organizations FULLY Sponsored: 5
100 communities (out of 450) "sold" ($300.00) BEFORE event - Community Rock Star
30 Community Champions ($1500 per community) - LENDERS sold BEFORE event - Realtors Lining Up to Work With you (Nominate your team)

See a community that you'd like to support? Ask about becoming a Neighborhood Booster!

Neighborhood Sponsored
The Community Entrepreneurship Fund is managed by the Mount Vernon Student Congress & Leadership NoVA, a student-managed project to encourage worthwhile community enrichment projects by providing promotional support and "micro-grants".
after-school or homeschooling enrichment programs

Want to shareL Attendees will get a customizable press release/social media blurb showing their support AND get 5 scholarships for to share with parents in their community (a $500 value).