Fort Hunt - The Friday Meet

The Friday Meet

Date: 06/19/20
Time: 1130 AM - 0 PM
Location: Online

Come by and Introduce yourself and we'll record it/add it to the Community Who's Who Directory.  Stay to learn more about Fort Hunt University, our Fort Hunt University Boosters, and upcoming events.

Want to make an EXTRAORDINARILY effective 'elevator pitch'/Networking Intro?

Think about these 'Best Practices':
  1. Begin with the End in Mind - Are you talking to customers or prospective business/referral partners - Your audience is going to be tuned in to WII-FM radio ('What's in it for me?' Why should I care?) - Prepare and speak accordingly.

  2. Make it clear and compelling - You'll want them to know WHO you are, WHAT you do, and then, most importantly, WHY they should care, follow up, pay attention

  3. Don't go fishing without BAIT - Keep an eye out for my Networking Intro Checklist and Video which will help you decide on what BAIT will pass the 'Broken Glass' test and make sure that your time is not wasted!

Register to attend to receive ALL of the resources AND get introduced to our network BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER our upcoming 'Meet the FHU Business Boosters' Event

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