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Business Acceleration Event

"Book, Video, Handbook, Coaching Series - Create Your Business 'Stuff' Working Session"
Tues, October 24th
8:30 - 12:30
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"Business is Good" Friday Networking Lunch

Friday, 10/6
Primo's Family Restaurant, 1636 Belle View Blvd, ALexandria 22307
11:30 - 1pm
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New Member Orientation & Speed Networking

Meet other new members and learn how to use the network's resources to Think, Give, Grow BIG.
Wed, June 21
11:00 - 11:30
We'll keep you plugged in to networking and business development opportunities in the area. Got an event to share? Email Frazier.
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    Community Superhero Video

    Be a Community Hero and Connect with Small Business Owners in your Local Communities Add YourSchool

    This SmallBusinessNova feature is not completely "Ready for Prime Time" Yet. Should be done by Jan 2nd! Check back to learn how to be a hero in your community!

    Network with businesses who are members of your church, neighbors in your community, boosters of your local school, or parents in your kid's school's PTA. Add yourself to your local directory and network today!

    Profile Information

    Enter the information about your org in the fields below and we'll create a start up Directory for your org. You can then decide HOW to start using it to FRIEND/FUNDraise to support your students.

    Org/School Name:
    Street Address:
    Web Site:
    What Northern Virginia High School Pyramid is your most closely linked to? (There's a method to my madness in asking this!):
    City, Zip:
    Your Name:
    Your Company/Org:
    Your Email:
    What's your relationship with the Church/Civic Association/School?
    Create Member Networking Directory

    3 Step Process

    1. Reach out to someone in the organization and provide them this link.(CC me at frazier@smallbusinessnova.com if you'd like to be recognized as the person who activated the directory. http://www.SmallBusinessNova.com?link=Directory
    2. Add Yourself to the directory. (Click here)
    3. Review your neighbors or parents.
    4. Email Frazier (frazier@SmallBusinessNova.com) to let me know that you're the representative of your church, org, civic association.
    5. Share the link with your members..
    6. Decide how much you want to charge (for fundraising). Download guide to help make decisions..
    7. Review member visits and entries.
    (test link)
    (X) Thank you for your pledge to . Your pledge has been recognized on the BIG directory and a message will be forwarded to the contact for the and he/she will follow up with you to make arrangements. Thanks for your BIG commitment!.

    In our Neighborhood, Business is Good.

    We do not collect money for the but you can make a pledge here and it will be linked with you/your company on our "Business Is Good" directory and a notification will be sent to the org contact for you to connect with.
    The BIG Ideas:
    - Share your Expertise
    - Share your influence
    - Share your space/store
    - Share your advertising
    - Share your Knowledge
    - Share your network
    - Share your resources
    - Share your media
    - Share your funds
    - Share your Transaction
    Download our BIG Sharing Guide to review ideas for how Business Is Good in Your Community.

    Thanks for Supporting

    Please provide some information about your relationship with Org/School

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