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  1. Get a card from your favorite local organizations (The organizations provide the cards free to members or, if fundraising, keep 100% of the funds they collect - we do not charge the clubs anything at all to participate).

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Our Sponsors enable our participating organizations to keep 100% of funds raised!!

- Piano Lab at Sherwood Hall Lane
- HomeTeam Home Inspection
- Honeycomb Construction
- BB&T Bank
- Skopp Chiropractic
- Hughes Orthodontics
- Greetings Virginia Real Estate Sales Network

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Purchase the card or receive it as a gift fom any of the clubs, churches, leagues, organizations that are listed below. (They keep 100% of the funds raise...and you get your Fort Hunt Community VIP Card and access to all associated deals.)

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Participating Businesses ( Add An Offer)

These businesses are committing to offer special discounts, bonuses, "members only" opportunities or specials to cardholders. These are NOT necessarily just ongoing discounts but also special offers that will be announced in our weekly E-Newsletter.

Subway - Dishes of India - Jazzercise - - Curves of Alexandria - Piano Lab at Sherwood Hall Lane -

November Offers to VIP Card Holders

(Offers Change regularly - make sure to register to get your updated deals and FLASH offers!!

Cards began being distributed on Sept. 6th; please be patient during first week if merchant staff is still getting familiar with process! THANK YOU!!! Email with any feedback or questions!

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Piano Lab

Innovative Instruction for Aspiring Musicians

Download the Piano Lab Guide to Creating Lifelong Musicians
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Lifelong musicianship starts here!

Piano Lab at Sherwood Hall Lane
7900 Andrus Rd #11,
Alexandria, VA 22306