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Local agent helping doing her part to strengthen the community

AGENTNAME is committed to strengthening the COMMUNITYNAME community and PRONOUN thinks PRONOUN has a way to mix business and doing good.

On Friday, Sept. 25th, FIRST is attending RealtorPalooza, an online networkign event where realtors who during the day may be competiting for business come together to share community building ideas and raise funds for the Fort Hunt University Community Entrepreneurship Fund.

"I'm excited about RealtorPalooza for two reasons,", said , "One, we are excited about raising funds (and ideas) for Community Entrepreneurship Fund to support activities in Oakton. Two, we know that parents right now are looking for activities so I'm looking forward to providing some of our neighbors with scholarships to some great activities".

The community entrepreneurship fund is a new initiative, managed by the Mount Vernon Student Congress, a collection of student leaders, who review submitted proposals and vote on which ones to award micro-grants to.

In addition to raising funds, FIRST is receiving scholarships to award to parents in the community.

For More info, Contact:
Frazier O'Leary
P: 703.298.9481

Why Friend Raising

We've all heard of FUND-Raising but what is "Friend" raising?

Friend raising is helping introduce people - members of your sphere of influence, your business network or your community - to learn about and connect with your favorite organization.

And those people become volunteers, advocates, promoters, leaders, and even donors or fundraisers for the organization. FRIENDraising > FUNDraising because organizations run on people power.

Our goal during the Network-A-Thon is to help raise 1000 new friends for the organizations that have been nominated by our Agents for Good.

Here is what the Executive Directors of some of our partner organiztions say about why FRIENDraising is so important to the mission of their organizations!

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Welcome New Real Estate Agents

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Make a Pledge

Would you like to make a pledge to support organizations?
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If you make a pledge/contribution to one of our partner organizations, you open the door to a whole host of networking bonuses:
Your contribution will go DIRECTLY to your selected organization; no middle man!

Your Pledges

How Networking For Good Works

1. Our Agents for Good nominate their favorite charities and organizations as the organizations they're "networking" for.

2. Our agents invite their network of small business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs to stop by, add themselves to the Networking Directory and connect with other businesses.

3. Participants can stop by our Friday Meet online networking session (each Friday) to introduce themselves and record an Introductory Video to be added to their Networking Profile.

4. Networkers are encouraged to learn more about the mission of the nominated organizations and to connect with the ones that inspire them. (If they decide that they'd like to make a donation directly to one of the charities, their contact info will be included and recognized in the downloadable Networking Resource Guide featuring all of our networkers as a thank you.)

5. Attendees make new contacts, Agents help their partners grow their businesses, and Organizations gain new Friends. Life is better when Business is Good!

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SPECIAL BONUS: 100 Days, 100 Ways to Create a Breakthrough in your Business

100 Days, 100 Ways

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"You're one click away from growing your network, growing your business...and doing some good."

The Business Is Good
Making introductions, 24 hours a day, between now and Friday, April 23rd.

Newest Introductions

Meet incredible NoVA real estate professionals and small business owners while helping to raise FRIENDS for their favorite community non-profits

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Join AGENTFIRST in raising funds and friends for some great organizations.

Register and connect with some great NoVA small business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals to help support some great community organizations.

Sign up to add yourself to the list and start connecting.

There is NO Charge to start networking! Just explore and meet the other networkers and learn about our agent's nominated organizations!
Add yourself for FREE and if you'd like to make a donation to one of our agent's nominated organizations, you'll be included in the downloadable "Networking for Good" Networking Guide featuring contact information and business profiles for all of the attendees.

You'll also be invited to stop by our weekly FRIDAY MEET (online) where you can meet other networkers and record a video introduction to add to your online Networking Profile.

Meet our Agents for Good

These Real Estate Agents are co-hosting our 100 Day "Networking For Good" Network-A-Thon to help FRIENDraise for their favorite Community Organizations.
Know of an agent who's doing good things in his/her community? Email me at to nominate them to be added to the list!

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When you register, you'll be able to download the Networking For Good Guide to maximize your benefit from the event!
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By The Numbers

FUNDS RAISED: $-- (Stay Tuned)
How this Works
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Our Goal: 100 Agents for Good and 1000 New Friends Raised for our Organizations by 4/23

What the heck is FRIENDRaising?

Who's Networking For Good

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Register before 9/10 to be included in our pre-event Press Release
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(sub rosa) Get Neighborhooods and Orgs sponsored by Agents ($100, $300)
Community Entrepreneurship Funds Pledged: $500.00
MI have 5 scholarships to distribute to parents who are interested. Click this link to learn more about the programs and to access your scholarship. (Coupon code) - register to attend use this coupon code.

Our Partner Organizations (as nominated by our Agents for Good)

National Breast Center Foundation, UCM, Margaret's Bully Rescue,
National Breast Center Foundation, UCM, Margaret's Bully Rescue,

Prizes for Top Inviters

Become A Hero
in Your Neighborhood/Community
with a FREE
Little Free Library Contest

In addition to getting some good networking, you're truly going to be Networking For Good.

Our Agents for Good are able to win prizes to give to their favorite charities as well as the opportunity to host a Little Free Library giveaway in their favorite neighborhood.

Want to become an Agent For Good and grow your business network while supporting your favorite charity?

Or become a Neighborhood Booster and increase your profile in your favorite community as part of

Email today!

Come Introduce Yourself at the Friday Meet (11:30 - 12:00pm)

Every Friday between now and Friday, April 23rd, feel free to drop in to our Friday Meet, a 30 minute online networking session where you can introduce youself, meet other networkers, and create a recording of your Networking Introduction to be added to your profile.

Turn your profile into a 24/7 Networking Machine with a short 1-2 minute introductory video explaining WHO you are, WHAT you do, and HOW you'd like to connect with other networkers.

Our Culminating Event - Friday, April 23rd

At the end of the 100 day "Network-A-Thon", all of our agents, contributing businesses, and partner organizations are invited to join us for a final Networking Event where attendees will be able to meet all of our partner organizations and participate in speed networking activities.
9-10am - Exhibitors Hall - Meet the Organizations
10-11am - Speed Networking For Good
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** If you donate $20.00 to your sponsoring agent's designated charity, you'll be included in the Downloadable "Networking For Good" Networking Guide distributed to all virtual attendees.


Who's Networking For Good

Your Host

Frazier O'Leary

NMLS# 2052009
O: +1 (703) 2989481 • M: (703) 298-9481
W: • E:
A: 3201 Jermantown Road, Suite 220 • Fairfax, VA 22030

Tools to Grow Your Business, Grow Your Impact

Part of being a B.I.G. business is sharing your knowledge and experience as widely as possible to help MORE clients and customers solve their problems and achieve their goals. I asked our businesses to share resources that could help businesses be more successful and they responded.

Here are a collection of the resources - articles, videos, tools, etc - that you'll get access to upon registering
1) How to grow your business.
Do you have a GREAT resource to share? click START NETWORKING above and add yourself and you'll be able to share your best Business Accelerating resources!
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Spreading Good in the Neighborhood

Some of our Agents for Good also help share scholarships for after-school or homeschooling enrichment programs in our 12 community campuses around NoVA.

Scholarships Provided: 100
Neighborhooods/Communities Touched: 16
Neighborhoods FULLY Sponsored: 5
Organizations FULLY Sponsored: 5
100 communities (out of 450) "sold" ($300.00) BEFORE event - Community Rock Star
30 Community Champions ($1500 per community) - LENDERS sold BEFORE event - Realtors Lining Up to Work With you (Nominate your team)

See a community that you'd like to support? Ask about becoming a Neighborhood Booster!

Neighborhood Sponsored
The Community Entrepreneurship Fund is managed by the Mount Vernon Student Congress & Leadership NoVA, a student-managed project to encourage worthwhile community enrichment projects by providing promotional support and "micro-grants".
after-school or homeschooling enrichment programs

Want to shareL Attendees will get a customizable press release/social media blurb showing their support AND get 5 scholarships for to share with parents in their community (a $500 value).